Systems Consultancy

Turning our experience and expertise into knowledge

Systems Consultancy

Working alongside clients to develop systems management strategies, Process Safety Solutions provides advice on a consultancy basis for both new and existing clients.


PSS offers onsite help, or one-to-one consultancy, from our highly experienced team and can assist with Systems Support, Systems Engineering, Systems Consultancy, the delivery of control and instrumentation projects and bespoke integrated software packages.


By giving independent and impartial advice we are able to provide our clients with recommendations and tailor-made solutions. This service often requires us to locate specialist engineers in clients’ facilities for extensive periods to complement their existing engineering team.

Alarm Management

To avoid any error, risk or confusion on a running plant, Process Safety Solutions offers an Alarm Management Assessment to EEMUA 191 standards, which ascertains any problems with defective or nuisance alarm alerts in any company’s current system. By developing either your existing software or installing new software, Process Safety Solutions will apply a severity grading to these alarms and reduce the number of unnecessary activations, making your process safer and more effective overall.

Material Management

Process Safety Solutions materials management personnel will control the critical stock for your systems ensuring that product is accessible and within product shelf life. As part of a materials management package we can offer periodic obsolescence reviews to ensure your stock holdings are adequate for the life of your system.

Reports and Reviews

To continually comply with safety regulations, processes, procedures and systems must be reviewed and it is often the case that a certain component may be deemed obsolete in favour of a more functional and efficient one.

Process Safety Solutions carries out obsolescence reports, system inspections and reviews, whilst basing recommendations on each company’s individual needs.

Software and Database Management

Process Safety Solutions has the experience required to maintain and manage your installed software base. This includes ensuring the running software is backed up on a regular basis, the storage of the software media is secure and safe, as well as ensuring correct version control techniques when implementing modifications. Process Safety Solutions also maintain the Cause and Effect database for Total E&P, utilising software database tools for managing the safety system Cause and Effects.