System Engineering

Attention to detail – the cornerstone of good engineering practice.

Systems Engineering

Our highly experienced team has implemented procedures to manage the design, testing, installation and commissioning for all aspects of a systems lifecycle – from new system build to modifications and upgrades.


PSS offers onsite help, or one-to-one consultancy, from our highly experienced team and can assist with Systems Support, Systems Engineering, Systems Consultancy, the delivery of control and instrumentation projects and bespoke integrated software packages.

Design, Build & Modify

From the initial design through build, installation, commissioning and modification we can implement all the requirements of each engineering phase of a system lifecycle. When it comes to ensuring the safety and security of personnel and plant, nothing can be taken for granted. Our codes of practise and ethos ensure our engineering is implemented to the highest standard.

From the simplest to the most stringent of requirements, each process must be treated individually and designed around specific needs ascertained by technical reviews and simulation testing. State-of-the-art technology utilised in-house by our engineers gives us a unique handle on the workings of any system, including maximising its performance.

At Process Safety Solutions we undertake all aspects pertaining to the lifecycle of a safety system as required under 61508/11, from specification to decommissioning.

We have specifically qualified engineers to eliminate outsourcing, thus reducing the incurred client cost whilst maintaining our level of expertise.

Process Safety Solutions is not fixed to specific products and we use professional judgement to offer solutions based on our unique, independent and impartial advice.