PSS offers onsite help, or one-to-one consultancy, from our highly experienced team and can assist with Systems Support, Systems Engineering, Systems Consultancy, the delivery of control and instrumentation projects and bespoke integrated software packages.


System Engineering

Our highly experienced team has put procedures in place to manage the design, testing, installation and commissioning of all aspects of the systems lifecycle – from new system builds to modifications and upgrades.



Systems Support

The PSS team has a proven record of reliable, prompt and efficient aftercare service, including on-site engineers and an around-the-clock helpline facility.



Systems Consultancy

Alongside working with clients to develop safety systems, Process Safety Solutions provides advice on a consultancy basis for both new and existing clients.



Cyber Security 

Cyber Security is becoming an issue that is impossible to ignore yet extremely complex in its nature. In order to know what steps to take to safeguard their systems and mitigate the risk of a security breach, business leaders must first understand what – and where – the biggest risks are.

We are Process Safety Solutions

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We are continuously looking for skilled candidates with engineering backgrounds to join our expanding team.