PSS has recently been awarded the upgrade of four Allen-Bradley PLC-5 systems on an offshore North Sea asset. As the PLC-5 programmable logic controllers are now discontinued these units will be migrated to the latest ControlLogix platform.

This migration will benefit from the following:

  • In House Skillset – PSS engineers have extensive experience in both PLC software and hardware modifications
  • Pre-Wired I/O assemblies – Utilising these significantly reduces the time and risk involved in re-routing the legacy I/O wiring to the new modules, leading to reduction in costs and downtime for the end user.
  • PLC-5 Equipment – PSS has a wide range of PLC-5 equipment which will be used to create an onshore reference system, allowing for extensive in house testing and therefore reducing risk for offshore deployment.
  • Partners – PSS will make use of our close working relationship with Routeco and the Rockwell Automation Partner programme

If you have a PLC5 system in need of an upgrade please get in touch to see how we can support.